We are currently in beta. Products will be available for sale very soon.

Scan, stick and be found

Stick an Etiqet on your things and increase the chance that you will find them again 🤩

“Everyone loses something from time to time, and there are many finders who are happy to return it”

Jur & Wout
Founders Etiqet

How does it work?

Buy, scan & register 🤳

Register your Etiqet by scanning it with the camera app on your smartphone.

Create an account in a few seconds and link your unique code to your e-mail address.

It couldn't be easier

Just paste it

Are there items that often leave the house, such as a scooter, bicycle, skateboard, telephone or backpack?

Stick an Etiqet on it

Our products are made of robust, strong and waterproof material. So they can take a beating...

Lost something? 😬

Have you lost something and does the finder scan your code? Then he or she can send you a message directly or view your contact details by scanning the code.

You can decide for yourself what contact details a finder sees of you. Very privacy-friendly ...